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WCERS provides retirement services for Active, Deferred, Retired Wayne County Employees, Wayne County Airport Authority Employees, and Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Employees



The Wayne County Employees' Retirement System (WCERS) is a public employee retirement system that was established by the County of Wayne on December 1, 1944. WCERS is administered by the Board of Retirement ("Board") to provide retirement, disability, death, and survivor benefits for its employees' under the authority of the Home Rule Charter for the County and Section 12a of Act No. 156 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1851 (MCL 46.12a, MSA 5.333(1)), as amended.

Latest News

Posted News
04/16/2014 Special Primary Election Results for Active Retirement Commissioner/Trustee
04/15/2014 News Release - ING U.S., Inc. Officially Becomes Voya Financial, Inc.
03/25/2014 Revised Regular Board Meeting Schedule 2014
03/25/2014 Regular Board Minutes Posted February 24, 2014
02/24/2014 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
02/24/2014 Regular Board Minutes Posted January 27, 2014
02/24/2014 Quarterly Board Minutes Posted February 07, 2014
02/07/2014 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
01/28/2014 External Independent Audit Reports Ending Sept. 30, 2013 and 2012
01/21/2014 Revised Regular Board Meeting Schedule 2014
01/10/2014 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
01/03/2014 Office Closures for 2014
12/19/2013  Active Retirement Commissioner/Trustee Special Election Announcement 2014
12/16/2013  Regular Board Meeting Schedule 2014
12/16/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule 2014
12/13/2013 Active Retirement Commissioner/Trustee General Election Results 2013
11/26/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
11/20/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
11/14/2013 December 2013 Newsletter - "The Messenger" 
11/14/2013 Active Retirement Commissioner/Trustee Primary Election Results 2013
11/08/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
10/11/2013 Special Meeting October 16 2013
10/10/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
09/06/2013 Investment Review Committee meetings have been canceled until April 2014
08/21/2013 Midland National Deferred Compensation 457(b) no longer a provider
08/13/2013 Annual Financial Report 2012
07/26/2013 Notice of Meeting-Retirement System Election Commission Aug 1 2013


Active Retirement Commissioner/Trustee Election Announcement 2013


Notice of Plan 4 & Plan 5 1-on-1 Retirement Meeting - July & August 2013
07/09/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
06/14/2013 Notice of Plan 4 & Plan 5 1-on-1 Retirement Meeting - Juvenile Detention - June 26, 2013
06/11/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
06/04/2013 ATTENTION:457 Deferred Compensation Plan Update
06/04/2013 June 2013 Newsletter - "The Messenger"
05/30/2013 Notice of Plan 4 & Plan 5 1-on-1 Retirement Meeting - North Wayne Yard - June 5, 2013
05/17/2013 Service Retirement Policy & Procedure
05/13/2013 Prudential Retirement is pleased to offer an exclusive webinar event – Saving for the future
05/09/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
04/11/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
03/29/2013 RFP for Directed Brokerage - pdf version / word version
03/28/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change
02/25/2013 RFP Committee Posting Notice 02/25/2013
02/07/2013 RFP Committee Posting Notice 02/11/2013
02/01/2013 Committee Meeting Schedule Change

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Wayne County Employees’ Retirement System (WCERS) is to provide secure retirement benefits that are due to the members and beneficiaries of the WCERS, and to administer such benefits by complying with the Wayne County Retirement Ordinance, collective bargaining agreements and other regulatory requirements with the highest ethical standards and fiduciary responsibility so that members and beneficiaries receive the benefits they earn on a timely basis.