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  WCERS provides retirement services for Active, Deferred, Retired Wayne County Employees, Wayne County Airport Authority Employees and Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Employees.




Comprehensive and Annual Financial Reports

The Annual Financial Report contains information about WCERS' investments, financial statements, contribution rates, funding and membership. Information contained in the report is designed to provide a complete and accurate review of the year's operations.

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Annual Report     

Summary Annual Report    


Actuarial Information 

The Actuarial Valuation and Review reports summarize the actuarial data used in our valuation, establish the funding requirements for each fiscal year, and analyze each preceding year’s experience

Wayne County Employees' Retirement System  

Circuit Court Commissioners Bailiffs Division  

Wayne County Airport Authority   

Retirement System Historical Plan Review 

The Retirement System Historical Plan Review summarizes funding progress and changes in Net Assets. 


WCERS External Independent Audit 


WCERS Annual Budget 


WCERS 5 Year Experience Study